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Great Lakes Brewing News' mission is to increase beer consumers' appreciation of craft beer. In every issue we publish
"Beer Beacon," a column that introduces readers to particular styles of beer.

Rating System:
Our panel of experienced tasters participates in a blind tasting, knowing only the style of beer they are sampling. The participants then give their review and a rating according to style, as per below.

We include tasters who represent a broad spectrum of craft beer drinkers—from home brewers to the average commercial American pilsner drinker. While we will remind tasters of style guidelines, we also welcome and encourage new interpretations of the classic old styles as the essence of the craft beer scene.This method gives our readers different perspectives on the same beer so they can perhaps compare it to other beers they know and make more informed drinking decisions.

The Pint Rating Scale

would seek this one out
would drink another one
would finish it
not drinkable


--- February/March 2011 (Flagship Beers & Specials)
--- December/January 2010/2011 (Belgian Style & Winter Seasonals)
--- October/November 2010 (Fall Seasonals: Pumpkin Beers, Harvest Ales, Oktoberfests & More)
--- August/September 2010 (Bitches of Bitter Beers)
--- June/July 2010 (Fruit Beers & Wheat Beers)
--- more

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